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Sailing Schooner Whydah  
Sailing and crewing on Whydah offers the opportunity to explore new ports and anchorages. 
To be accepted as crew on Whydah you will need an RYA Competent Crew Qualification or comensurate experience  
Sailing is an activity sport and crew will be expected to demonstrate a suitable level of fitness.
Crew will need to tie a variety of sailors knots, handle lines, blocks and tackles, and sheet winches and be able to steer a given course.        
Whydah has been designed and built as a thoroughbred sailing vessel, drawing 2.1 meters aft and 1.2metres forward. This encourages good tracking and enables the ballasting to be placed low down resulting in a low vertical centre of gravity. This large underwater area and deep vee hull form reduces leeway and enables the vessel to be tight on the wind, a legacy from the Baltimore Clippers and Pilot Schooners of the 19th Century.
close haul sailingWhydah can set 1850 square foot of sail but by breaking this area into six sails is easily handled by two people
Mainsail   500 ft.sq. with a light weight gaff of only 11 ft long
this hoists and reefs in the same manner as a bermudan mainsail
 [ 3 slab reefs]
Foresail   400 ft.sq. this sail sets abaft the foremast and brails away in seconds and reefs in the same fashion as the mainsail
[ 2 slab reefs]
Inner staysail 250 ft.sq. this is a normal piston hank sail  and hoists on a 2:1 halyard
Outer staysail 320 ft.sq hoist on a 2:1 halyard - a normal piston hank sail sets on stay which runs in to the foredeck from the end of the bowsprit
Whydah is also equipped with a trysail of 170sq ft which sets in place of the main sail deep sea or when reaching in the higher wind strengths 
A Main gaff topsail 100 ft sq utilises a single halyard a single sheet and a downhaul is used only in lighter conditions 
A Fisherman's staysail 250 ft. sq. increases sail area when reaching
Paradise Whydah  a member of the weaver family can be seen in West Africa
Paradise whydah

active crewWhydah is fitted with a 4 litre Caterpillar auxiliary diesel, carries a nine foot sailing and rowing boat and a 10 foot inflatable dinghy with outboard engine.

John and Diana Edwards own Whydah.
They have owned and sailed a variety of boats including a 35ft catamaran, a 26ft Sadler sloop, the famous Nicholson yawl "Cohoe II", a Roberts 43ft cutter, and a 40ft steel sloop

Both have over 30 years sailing experience and hold commercial RYA Yachtmaster Certificates. Their sailing history includes several crossings of Biscay,  transatlantic voyages and a number of years sailing the Mediterranean, the Canaries and West Coast of Africa, the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida and
Whydah is a British registered vessel, home port Bristol, England
Whydah Charters - Tel: 07545550694
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